Import and Export

All files can be imported/exported with the buttons of the 3D-view panel or using File -> Import/Export -> Re-Volt...

The default scale for all imported objects is 0.01, since RV units are 100 times bigger than Blender units.
The scale can be adjusted before importing and exporting in the left sidebar of the file browser.

Before exporting, make sure you have set an object type for your objects. Nothing will be exported if all objects have no type.
If you want to export a .w file, set the objects you want to include to the World type.
You can set the object type for all selected objects in the Re-Volt tab of the tool panel on the left.

These different export types exist so that you can work on the entire level without having to switch files to edit another format. For example, this prevents that AI Nodes, Instances or Track Zones will be exported to your World (.w) file.

PRM files can be used for track files (instances, objects) and for cars (car bodies, wheels, etc.).
The add-on will search for a fitting texture.
If a parameters.txt is present, it will get the texture file name from there. If a .inf file is present, it will load the texture files according to the texture number of polygons.
The PRM type will be assigned to imported meshes automatically.

If the PRM is a car, the keep texture number from mesh option is automatically set, since cars can only have one texture file assigned to them.
If the PRM is from a track, the add-on will decompose the name of the texture file assigned to its faces and save the texture number that way.
Any file can be exported to PRM, the type setting won't be respected.

World files consist of many meshes (PRMs). When importing, the add-on will create an empty object and set all imported meshes as children of this empty object. Feel free to merge them by selecting all and pressing CTRL J.
All textures will be automatically loaded according to the file name of the .w file.
When importing, the WORLD type will be assigned to all imported objects.

The add-on will export all files with the WORLD type or objects with the Additional export as World-flag.
Texture file names of the textures assigned to faces will be used to determine the texture number.

Imported NCP files are one mesh object of the NCP type.

The add-on merges all objects of the NCP type and export them into one NCP file.

The axis and scale settings in the import/export operator do nothing at the moment. This will be implemented at a later point. For now, it uses the default settings.

Imported instance files are parented to an empty object that is named after the imported instance file.
All prm files will be read from the game folder according to the file names linked in the .fin file.

Only the first 9 letters are unique. If two PRM files share the same first 9 letters, the add-on will choose the first one it finds.

If an instance is used multiple times, the PRM will not be imported again. Rather, the same object data (mesh) will be linked from the existing instance object in Blender.

All imported PRMs will have the INSTANCE type. That means that the panel located in the Object properties panel shows all instance properties.

The add-on adds all INSTANCE type objects to a list and writes their properties into the instance file.
Make sure the instance objects are named correctly since the first 9 letters will be written to the file (excluding the file ending).

Currently, only the positions of POS nodes are being imported.

Not yet supported.

Imports the car body and wheels. If no wheel mesh is set (modelnum -1), empty objects will be placed instead.
Wheels are parented by the car body.

Not yet supported.