This is the second part of the track making tutorial. At this point you should be done modeling and texturing your track.

MakeItGood is a cheat code that enables you to access several different editing modes.

There is another way to access the edit modes: launch Re-Volt in “-dev” mode (revolt.exe -dev). If you are using Re-Volt 1.2 or RVGL (which you should be), this is the way to go.

To get into each of the editing modes select Start Race from the main menu. Then select Single Race, and any game mode. Now put in “MAKEITGOOD” as a name and hit enter. After doing this you should hear a honking sound as it moves on to the car selection screen. Press Esc three times and it should take you back to the Race Type menu. At the bottom you will see a new option, Edit Mode. Select what edit mode you want. Once you get into the level, just follow the tutorial below for whatever mode your editing.

  • A good order would be:
    • POS Nodes
    • Track Zones
    • Objects (that includes pick-ups. Tou might need to know where these are when you create AI Nodes)
    • Triggers
    • AI Nodes
    • ...